Magim  provide’s EPC solutions that will guaranty a good return on investment by utilizing idle ground space or Land.  We provides customized EPC solution as per your need and energy consumption.


Magim offer’s strategic and tactical O&M services which cover testing, cleaning, preventive maintenance, and corrective repairs to deliver optimal plant performance. We have a dedicated team working constantly to improve customer experience.


We are shaped not by what we say, but what we do.

Culture is but a shared set of beliefs, values and practices. Our culture is the foundation of our success and it is completely people-oriented, making a difference to employees, stakeholders, customers & partners, alike. We believe that excellence is not a destination but a journey of continuous improvement and we keenly promote an open culture, encouraging feedback, and actively transforming it into action. We believe in business with integrity A finely articulated code of business conduct helps us achieve the highest levels of transparency and propriety, thus strengthening the foundations of our business.

Equal opportunities, equal dignity without discrimination
At Wipro, applicants are considered for employment solely on the basis of their qualifications and competencies. As an employee, you will enjoy equal opportunity in all aspects of employment, including recruitment, training conditions of service and career progression. Furthermore, we are committed to maintaining a workplace where each employee’s privacy and personal dignity is respected and protected from offensive or threatening behaviour including violence and sexual harassment.

Sustainability at Magim is all about good citizenship
A corporation’s progress is a function of three key vectors i.e. the corporation itself, the society in which it operates and the environment that envelops all of these. These are also the vectors that form the crux of our corporate citizenship philosophy and the base of all our sustainability initiatives which enables us to drive and encourage “good citizenship” across the organisation.