LED Highbay light 200W ( 3000k, 4000k and 6400K)



LED High bay 200W 4000K IP65 140lm/W Powered by Hoftronic – 5 year warranty

This versatile LED High bay is equipped with an IP65 standard which makes it splash-proof and dust-proof and therefore perfect for use in damp rooms. This LED High bay is equipped with a powerful transformer which has a power factor of >0.9, so you can connect a large amount of these High Bays to a group. This professional LED High bay is also equipped with very powerful LumiLEDs 2835 High Lumen Leds which emit 140 lumens per watt. The light colour of this LED High bay is 4000K neutral white.

LumiLEDs led chips

The LED chips used in this LED Higbay are original LumiLEDs 2835 high lumen Leds. These LEDs have a high light output of no less than 140lm/W. This 200 Watt LED High bay gives a total light output of 28.000 Lumen. By careful use of the highest quality components you are assured of a minimum lifespan of 50,000 hours and 5 guarantee.

Easy mounting

The LED High Bay comes standard with a suspension eye which makes the mounting of these High Bay lights very easy. The High Bay comes standard with 30 cm H05RN-F 3×1.0mm² cable. For a quick mounting we recommend an IP68 cable connector, this ensures a safe and watertight connection.


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