Enphase – IQ Battery 3T – International

This product is not available in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Rest of Europe.

Important: Installer certification required!
Visit the Enphase University to get your certification.

Enphase IQ Battery 3T/10T
Advantages of the Enphase IQ 3T and 10T:

  • Fully integrated AC-battery system with build-in IQ 8X-BAT micro-inverters
  • Easy connection to the AC of a standard household installation
  • Optimal configuration between energy system and user needs
  • Handy operation and measuring with a mobile app
  • Passive cooling system (no moving parts)
  • Long lifespan, 10 year warranty

Required accessories:

  • Item. 271037 – Enphase – Wireless Communication adapter
  • Item. 270072 – Enphase – Envoy-S Metered


Note: Only available for Belgian market.
The Enphase IQ 3T has a total capacity of 3.5 kWh and contains four integrated micro-inverters with a total power of 1.28 kW.Installers can quickly design the required system capacity for the needs of both their new customers and customers who already have solar modules on their roof.

Product information

Article number
Product ref.
430 mm
Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)
775 mm
188 mm
48.8 kg


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