Denim U – Mono 450 All Black – 25 years warranty

Top quality Denim solar module with half-cut cells

  • High module efficiency
  • Better shade tolerance through use of half cut cells
  • With half cut cell technology, the current through the cell is lower than with a traditional 60 cell module, reducing the risk of hotspots

Solar modules from Denim guarantee a long service life, excellent guarantees and ease of use combined with optimum performance throughout the product’s lifetime. The half-cut cells allow the modules to deal with shade more efficiently; the distance the electricity has to travel is reduced by half. The result: less resistance and more yield.

✔ European brand: For warranty, service & communication and guidance you can simply contact Solarclarity in the Netherlands.
✔ Tested extensively: Besides the standard tests, the DENIMs are also tested for resistance to fire & the PID (Potential Induced Degradation) effect.
✔ Excellent guarantees: 25-years product- and power warranty.

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