100W to 200W LED Floodlight SAMSUNG Chip (4000k and 6000k)



100W LED Floodlight Samsung Chip Black Body 137LM/W

The superior alternative for traditional outdoor lighting!

V-Tac introduces the 137 lumens per watt rating from the super bright series! The 100W super bright floodlight offers superior efficiency and great energy savings. Together with its new sleek design, its durability and water resistance, the Industrial Floodlight 137 Lm/Watt presents as extremely sturdy and perfect for outdoor applications. As with all LED lights, floodlight brightness is most accurately measured in Lumens, rather than Watts. For instance, the 13700 lumens floodlight will give out the same brightness as a 500W halogen floodlight while consuming far less energy. Furthermore, our 13700 lumens floodlight features 25,000 hours of average lamp life which is twice longer compared to traditional solutions. Therefore, by modernizing floodlight systems with high efficiency floodlights, companies could see energy savings of up to 90% over conventional systems.

Product benefits
  • Product designed with high lumen efiiciency of 137 LM/W
  • High quality LED SMD-Samsung Chip
  • Only connect with waterproof cable hose
  • Built Strong and durable with Die Cast Aluminium – Corrosion resistant design
  • Suitable for building facades, sports facilities, industrial, commercial billboards, hoardings, parking lots etc.

V-Tac Floodlights are widely used for security lighting purposes for residential, commercial, or industrial areas. Therefore, our floodlights will make a perfect choice for Facade lighting, Lobby area, Garages, Walkways, Parking Lots, etc.

Installation guide

V-Tac’s floodlights are now easier to install with just basic knowledge. For best results, please follow the steps described in this article.

Additionally, you could connect the high lumen floodlights to one of our Motion Sensors in order to add security functions and protect your property against intruders.

Browse our range of high efficiency floodlights – Evolution Series today!

V-Tac Evolution Series Floodlights come in Black body colour option only, Day White/Cool White colour temperatures, and  50W/100W and 200W power consumption versions.


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